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Welcome to ebXML India

ebxmlIndia.org is dedicated to promoting the use of global e-business standards among businesses of all sizes, as well as governmental and public sector organizations in India. The phenomenal work done over several years by standards bodies all over the world, and in particular by the ebXML initiative provides a wonderful opportunity for businesses to participate in the global marketplace with ease. In the case of government and service oriented organizations, the use of standards, raises the level of delivery to citizens and clients to spectacular levels.


Conference on 'Emerging Technologies for e-Business and Supply Chain Automation' - April 1 2005 at IISc
( New ) A workshop to evolve the approach for adoption of e-biz standards inIndia (and the region). Sessions will cover various standards, paradigms and the technologies in the integration space- from devices (RFID) to intra/inter enterprise (ebxml). Conclude with a discussion panel involving IT leaders from Industry, Government and Technology vendors to evolve the adoption approach for e-biz standards. (Check out the program here)

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